What's this event about?
DMDW came about because David & Lee were
looking for an event with lightly structured
activities, space to incorporate our BDSM
practices with hypnosis and to explore nature
in a more rural environment with existing
and new friends where we could learn more
about ourselves and others. This perfect
space with positive energy on all of its
100+ acres to roam, gorgeous views, more
Register now!
November 15-17, 2013
DeepMindDarkWood is an event like no other.
From the moment of registration, begin the
process of becoming part of an intense active
exploration of altered states, using game and
ritual to explore our deepest fantasies both
dark and light. Whether you are learning
hypnosis or have been practicing it for a
long time, this event welcomes you to learn,
share and experience the space, participants,
the powerful activities.
Come find out more, then register, and join
us in November.
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