DeepMindDarkWood Consent Statement

DeepMindDarkWood is dedicated to the OpenPlaySpace style of learning and
experiencing which relies on the attendees to set the priorities and classes for
the weekend by discussion and consensus. Our goal is to empower all
attendees to push their own boundaries and explore kink and hypnosis in an adult,
open, and inviting environment. To that end, we consider and expect all attendees
to be participants and discourage anyone attending with the intention of merely observing the classes.

Every year, we intend to create an environment where the people who attend will
feel open to expressing their desires and comfortable sharing their experience and
expertise. Our hope is that everyone who attends will be open, accessible, and kind
to those around them.

To that end, DMDW is dedicated to knowing, affirmative consent, at a minimum, with
the goal of achieving enthusiastic consent throughout the event and for all the
experiences that occur during the course of the weekend.

We do not expect that every person who attends the event will be ready to explore
or participate in every class or experience, though that is our aim. We firmly
believe in the right of every attendee to pursue other interests (or no interests
at all) instead of participating in a given class, provided that this does not
detract from other attendees' experiences.

Likewise, because we have adopted the collaborative OpenPlaySpace style of
learning, we cannot anticipate beforehand all the directions you and your fellow
attendees will take the event. We are trusting you (just as you are trusting us) to
gauge and police your own comfort levels and boundaries and to communicate them as
necessary for your own protection. Once you communicate those boundaries, we will
do our best to make sure they are respected by the staff and fellow attendees. We
also expect you to respect the boundaries and limits of your fellow attendees once
they are communicated.

If, at any point, you feel that these limits are not being respected (whether yours
or someone else's) please let one of the organizers know that this is occurring,
and we will take appropriate measures, from mediating, to education, to, if
necessary, removing the person from the event.

While we are committed to addressing any accidents or violations that might arise
to the best of our ability, please understand that DMDW is a small event (25-35
attendees) with a small staff (2-3), and so our ability to conduct as thorough an
investigation as we might like is circumscribed. Our goal is to protect the
attendees of the event and we will err on that side should anything occur requiring
our attention.

Likewise, if you prefer to speak to someone other than the organizers, we will do our best
to provide an alternative.

We are whole-heartedly dedicated to making the event a positive and inclusive
experience, and rely on each of our attendees to share that whole-hearted
dedication. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or shaming people for
expressing their interests, desires, and/or boundaries. If you cannot share this
dedication to these ideals, we ask that you chose a different event to attend. If,
however, you can adopt this open and participatory attitude, we invite you to share
the experience that is DeepMindDarkWood.