What's The Big Idea

You aren’t coming to fill a role.


A single idea can be transformed and transformative and transcendental for the group and each individual and we cannot predict where and how and who will change our lives.

The community that we create will enhance our experience of our greater community.

The event we share will enhance the quality of all the events to come.

Expansion rather than restriction.

Boundaries of touch, of identity, and of trust will be explored.


Be fearless.


The Seeds of an Idea

Having attended a kink event in which the entire experience was inside, with multiple classes at once in which people had to break focus for meals, and travel back to a different location to sleep, Lee and David decided to organize an event in which everyone stayed, learned, and played together, indoors and outdoors, with meals being available but not distracting, in which everyone would come up on a Friday with no real reason to leave the event until Sunday.


This is our fourth year, and we have gotten more out of each event so we are very excited to see what happens this year.

OpenPlaySpace:Learning Through Play

We provide structure intended to create a fluid agenda, based on the drive and passion of the participants. As an OpenSpace Technology based unconference style, we allow for anyone to present, lead, teach or moderate. Unlike most unconferences, we follow a single linear track, but it may twist and turn as we explore and play. A lesson can be 5 minutes or an hour, but we want to take advantage of what time we have to play and learn with intent.

We believe that short demonstration or discussion followed by trying out the ideas, with everyone working to help each other succeed, through troubleshooting and open honest discussion will let us all get more out of our time together.

Intimate Group Size to explore Intimacy

Our goal is to have a small group between 25 and 35 people, enough to bring energy and variation but not so many that we can't spend the time together as a single group.

While any activity is voluntary, we thrive on each person bringing their own passion, and we want to make sure everyone can contribute as they desire.

Adults Playing In An Adult Way

We welcome sane, happy people who believe in the respect for agency and honesty, personal responsibility and enthusiastic "Hell Yes" consent.

Can you take responsibilty for your own sucess and play well with others? Come join us!
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